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The Path To Hogwarts Walkthrough & Information

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The Path to Hogwarts is the primary fundamental story quest for Hogwarts Legacy.

The target is to seek out out what the Portkey results in and ultimately select a home to affix in class.

Right here’s a walkthrough & information of The Path to Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy.

After the entire sequence of scenes, you’ll ultimately end up on an island after utilizing the Portkey.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Path To Hogwarts Walkthrough & Guide


Comply with Professor Fig

That is principally the introduction. Simply observe Professor Fig.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Path To Hogwarts

You’ll then attain a barrier.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Path To Hogwarts Walkthrough


Destroy the magical barrier

Use your wand to assault the magical barrier and destroy it.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Path To Hogwarts Guide

Proceed following Professor Fig outdoors and he’ll use Reparo to restore the bridge.


Discover the ruins

Once you attain the ruins, you need to see the search goal in your map.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Path To Hogwarts quest Walkthrough & Guide

Comply with it and also you’ll attain one other crystallized stone.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Path To Hogwarts wiki

Examine the wall by interacting with it.


Wake the goblin

You’ll then be teleported to a financial institution. Wake the goblin who’s sleeping on the desk.

You’ll then be dropped at the actual vault primarily based on the Portkey.

Comply with Professor Fig into the vault.


Study Revelio

You’ll be taught methods to use Revelio for the primary time.

Simply regular your wand and observe the trail utilizing your controller’s joystick and press the button prompts.

You’ll know have the ability to use Revelio to disclose a secret door within the vault room.


Keep near Professor Fig

At the hours of darkness room, keep near Professor Fig.

Work together with the magic you see on the ground.


Decide methods to proceed

You’ll now see a mirrored image on the ground.

Use Revelio to disclose the knight.


Study Lumos

You’ll be taught a second ability known as Lumos which principally permits your wand to behave as a light-weight supply.

Like earlier than, you must observe the trail and press the button prompts.


Uncover the statue’s secret

Use Lumos.

Now, simply get the reflection of the statue to face you utilizing Lumos. Let it align till the statue involves life.


Defeat the guardians

A gaggle of statues will seem.

Use Protego mid-fight to guard your self towards the assaults.

You too can use your common wand assaults towards the guardians.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Path To Hogwarts tips


Discover Professor Fig

After the battle, Professor Fig disappears.

Use Lumos.

Comply with the wisps of magic’s path.

You’ll ultimately attain one other glow. Work together with it.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Path To Hogwarts where to go


Activate the statues

Like earlier than, use Lumos to align the reflections of the statues to activate them.

Defeat the entire statues utilizing your wand spells and Protego to dam assaults.


Discover Professor Fig

Proceed to seek out Professor Fig. Use Lumos and observe the wisps of magic.

You’ll attain a construction. Work together with the glow on the ground.

Enter via the magic wall. Go to the basin and examine.

You’ll then reunite with Professor Fig. He’ll then present you the recollections behind this place.

Not lengthy after, you’ll be launched to the villain Ranrok who’s a goblin.


Which home to decide on

After the entire cutscenes, you’ll ultimately attain Hogwarts for the Sorting ceremony.

The dialogue “I can’t wait to start out lessons” or “I can’t wait to discover” doesn’t appear to matter.

You’ll then have to decide on between daring, curiosity, loyalty and ambition. The hat will suggest a home based on which character trait you selected; nonetheless, it’s not remaining.

You’ll ultimately be allowed to decide on between Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

The preliminary dialogue doesn’t matter most likely. Whichever you select is as much as you.

The home you select impacts which frequent room you get and it’s seemingly you’ll be able to’t discover different homes’ frequent rooms (however I’m not sure).

The hunt ends right here.


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